Walking in nature Datça

I  have been living in Datça fot 30 years. İn this time I passed many times in nature Datça, I have learnt many things about the nature , from reading or listening to the people with experience.

There are still a lot of things to learn. I had fished for 20 years, I learnt many things from the sea showed me the way in hiking. Now I have been walking through hills, mounts in Datça the nature. You should get information about the parkour even walking with a group.

Materials and clothing should be in accordance with parkour. Recently hiking is very popular in Datça. Friends living in Datça prefer walking with groups. Many people outside Datça come to walk and camp. First I used to walk with a friend later, I joined to the group walks. It’s possible to make longer walks with groups. We hire a minübüs. It leaves us at the begining of the parkour. Then we can walk 20-25 km, at the end of the parkour the minübüs takes us. In this way we walk on Karia roads İn 2014 me and my friend Ekrem camped for a night at two mountain peaks. We recognised what kind of conditions ve would face. Backpacks were problem, you should take light protected materials with you. It’s forbidden to camp in forest areas, you can camp in private lands.

1-Don’t take it simple.

You should look carefully where you step and hold a place while passing through the rocky ground.

2- There are interesting parkours on Karia roads. The signs are lost, In this situation don’t continue walking. Come to the begining of the road, and continue from there to research.

On some parkours you may meet Karakulak, wild boar, mountain goat. You can see them around water recources early in the morning or late in the afternoon. You will pass many forest areas and meet maquis while walking.

Most of the time, you can not find water in nature Datça, you should take with you one or two liters of water depending on the distance.

You do not know the nature, you must walk with a quide.

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